12PSB-2 diesel pump test bench

It adopts advanced human-machine interface control system, and  has  digital control of rotation speed, temperature, air pressure, pump technical data which  can be

displayed on screen and printed synchronously. Convenient operation realizes the human-machine dialogue .The bench adopts original packing imported frequency converter.

Lathe bed  is widen and weighted. It presents the following features : super-stability, ultra-low noise, direct output , small fall of  rotation speed, high precision measurement

, complete automatic protection.


1. Measurement of each cylinder delivery and uniformity at any speed.
2. Test point and interval angle of oil supply of injection pump.
3. Checking and adjust the mechanical governor.
4. Checking and adjust the distributor pump.
5. Experiment and adjust of behavior of supercharging and compensatory device.
6. Measurement of oil return of distributing pump.
7. Testing of the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump(12v/24v)
8. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump.
9. Checking of the advance angle of advance device.(on request)
10. Checking the sealing of injection pump body.
11. Install tube of auto-sucking oil supply can check on oil supply pump(including VE pump)
12. Test high precision of rack travel (on request)

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